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School workshops


Our challenge meets the three skills of school reform: (1) reacting (2) interacting in various contexts by practicing physical activities and (3) promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
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The Fy Challenge is eligible for “The Wellness-Oriented School Program” to improve the academic performance of young people through physical activity and healthy eating habits. All schools with students from Cycle 3 can implement such a project.


Club Fy offers sessions of 6, 8 or 10 weeks. The first session is meant to teach the children the foundation of the Fy Challenge. Thereafter, they will have to improve their performance to reach higher levels. The last week is reserved for the presentation of a light show in which all of the students will present their choreography for parents and other students.

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 8 weeks package

10 weeks package 

Phys Ed

Club Fy offers 1h to 1h30 workshops to phys ed classes, whenever you need it.

Introduce young and old to this circus art and teach them all the basic movements, right in your classes!

  • Introduction Workshop
  • Equipement Purchase
  • Teacher formations
  • Evaluations for teachers and students
  • Equipement for every level

School Management

A day with Club Fy combines a load of values:

  • Perfect to begin or end the school year
  • For a bonus activity
  • For a special occasion : Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Much more!


Club Fy offers packages fitting every need and every class sizes.


The Fy Challenge Day  including :

  • Fy Challenge Introduction
  • Complementary workshops
  • End of the day show

1 to 3 group introduction day including:

  • Fy Challenge Introduction
  • All equipment included

Introduction half day including:

  • Fy Challenge Introduction for half a day

*Packages can be customized to fit every need. Please contact Club Fy for more information. 

Ready to take the Fy Challenge in your school?

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